Emika: Melancholia Euphoria

$12.02 $13.98
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Emika

Title: Melancholia Euphoria
Label: Emika Records
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

This is the first release on Emika Records, the newly-founded label by the British producer, Emika, who lives in Berlin. These tracks are inspired by the dancefloor, but they are also a reaction to the feeling of a certain weariness with current electronic music. "Melancholia Euphoria A" is a prime example of Emika's understanding of electronic music existing between pop and the avant-garde, with wordless, euphoric singing, shimmering synth sounds, and handclaps. "Melancholia Euphoria B" features a bittersweet sentiment and two precise melodies that compete with each other as gaming synth sounds merge with a relentlessly galloping piano. Two tracks that convey opposing emotions: melancholy and euphoria.

1.1 Melancholia Euphoria A
2.1 Melancholia Euphoria B

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