Emma Kirkby: Elizabethan Song

Emma Kirkby: Elizabethan Song
Title: Elizabethan Song
Label: Eloquence Australia

This is a lovely recital celebrating the diversity of Elizabethan song. Accompanied by her husband Anthony Rooley on lute, Kirkby especially turns her attention to selections which display the period's numerous variety of takes on the subject of secular love. Now over 30 years old, this recital still sounds as vital and sincere as ever. Decca. 2005.

1.1 Where Grypinge Griefs (Richard Edwards)
1.2 Come Let Us Sound (Thomas Campion)
1.3 In This Trembling Shadow (John Dowland)
1.4 Like As the Lute Delights (John Danyel)
1.5 Saw My Ladye Weepe (John Dowland)
1.6 Rest Sweet Nimphs (Francis Pilkington)
1.7 When to Her Lute (Thomas Campion)
1.8 Musick Deare Sollace (Francis Pilkington)
1.9 I Saw My Ladye Weeping (Thomas Morley)
1.10 If in This Flesh (Robert Jones)
1.11 Come All Ye (Francis Pilkington)
1.12 Sweete Birdes Deprive Us Never (John Bartlett)

Emma Kirkby: Elizabethan Song

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