Emma Nordenstam

Emma Nordenstam: Response to the Birddream

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Emma Nordenstam

Title: Response to the Birddream
Label: Sound Pollution

2013 release, the third album from the Swedish singer/songwriter and her first to be sung completely in English. Her sound is more emotional and melancholic than ever before. While some songs may recall Vashti Bunyan and Joni Mitchell, other parts of the album will remind listeners of early Acid Folk.

1.1 Response to the Birddream
1.2 The Room
1.3 I'm in Shadow
1.4 Long Since Gone
1.5 Headlong
1.6 You Go Cry
1.7 Strangers
1.8 As We Fall
1.9 Will I Find a Road?
1.10 Why Are They Holding Me Back?
1.11 Cowboy
1.12 They Love You
1.13 The Opening Within

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