End: Splinters From An Ever-changing Face

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Product Type: CD
Artist: End

Title: Splinters From An Ever-changing Face
Label: Closed Casket Activi

2020 release. Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy has another band, a sort of heavy-hardcore supergroup called End. He's in End with Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Will Putney, who's been producing records for bands like Knocked Loose and Vein in recent years, and with members of bands like Shai Hulud, Misery Signals, and Reign Supreme.

1.1 Covet Not
1.2 Pariah
1.3 Absence
1.4 The Reach of Resurrection
1.5 Fear for Me Now
1.6 Hesitation Wounds
1.7 Captive to My Curse
1.8 Evening Arms
1.9 An Apparitions
1.10 Every Empty Vein
1.11 Sands of Sleep

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