Enon: Lost Marbles & Exploded Evidence

Enon: Lost Marbles & Exploded Evidence
Title: Lost Marbles & Exploded Evidence
Label: Touch & Go Records

This limited edition collection isn't a singles comp per se. These songs, collected over a six- year period, range from limited edition singles to web-only downloads, and from semi-attainable to gimmie-a-break-how-was-I-supposed-to-find-that? the DVD contains tour footage, live performances, and a collection of videos, including the eye popping clips for "In This city" and "Daughter in the House of Fools."

1.1 Knock That Door
1.2 The Nightmare of Atomic Men
1.3 Adalania (Not So Fair)
1.4 Drowning Appointments
1.5 Normal Is Happening
1.6 Grain of Assault
1.7 Genie's Got Her Bag
1.8 Kanon
1.9 Blow Infinite Ways
1.10 Tilt You Up!
1.11 Marbles Explode
1.12 Raisin Heart
1.13 Evidence
1.14 Fly South
1.15 Making Merry! Merry!
1.16 Party Favor
2.1 Daugher in the House of Fools [DVD]
2.2 Murder Sounds [DVD]
2.3 Mikazuki [DVD]
2.4 In This City [DVD]
2.5 Pleasure and Privelige [DVD]
2.6 Carbonation [DVD]
2.7 January 1st, 1999 [DVD]

Enon: Lost Marbles & Exploded Evidence

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