Ensemble Marani

Ensemble Marani: Georgian Polyphony

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Artist: Ensemble Marani

Artist: Ensemble Marani
Title: Georgian Polyphony

Georgian polyphony is capable of intriguing and moving a person hearing it for the first time as easily as someone who knows it well. The middle and high voices are always sung by soloists. The bass is sung by several singers. To come together and sing these harmonies, be they sacred or profane, is to perpetuate and carve into the present an ancestral culture

1.1 Alilo
1.2 Mravajalmieri
1.3 Ghvtismchobelo Kaltsulo
1.4 Maspindzurli
1.5 Chen Khar Venakhi
1.6 Djamata
1.7 Destane
1.8 Lale
1.9 Zamtari
1.10 Khasanbegura
1.11 Chinmousvlelo Sada Khar
1.12 Satchidao
1.13 Me Rustveli
1.14 Tsintskaro
1.15 Tsutisoplis Stumrebi Vart
1.16 Tsimdao Ghmerto
1.17 Guris Madzin
1.18 Aghdgomasa Chensa
1.19 Kviria
1.20 Chemokmedura

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