Entrails: Rise Of The Reaper

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Entrails

Title: Rise Of The Reaper
Label: Metal Blade

Entrails formed in 1990/91. Their goal was to follow the scene that Stockholm brought to light around the time with bands like Dismember, Entombed, Grave and many more that cemented the brilliant Swedish death metal sound from T. Skogsberg's Sunlight studio. Unfortunately, all attempts to record a demo at the time did not produce satisfactory results.

1.1 Rise of the Reaper (Intro)
1.2 For Hell
1.3 Miscreation
1.4 The Pyre
1.5 In the Shape of the Dead
1.6 Gravekeeper
1.7 Destination Death
1.8 Destruction
1.9 Crawl in Your Guts
1.10 For Whom the Head Rolls
1.11 Evils of the Night
1.12 Cathedral of Pain
1.13 The End (Outro)

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