Enzyme Dynamite

Enzyme Dynamite: Shangri la

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Enzyme Dynamite

Title: Shangri la
Label: Frathouse Muzik GRP

Enzyme first burst onto the music scene with his hip-hop group, the Bayliens. Enzyme's latest release, Shangri La, brings you inside his version of Utopia, touching on subjects that are relevant to him and his fan base such as love, stardom and success.

1.1 Fly Away
1.2 Live Fast Die Fly
1.3 Blood of Kings
1.4 Nocturnal
1.5 Jenny's Party
1.6 Paradise
1.7 Celebrity [Take Two] [Take]
1.8 What Happens Here (Stays Right Here)
1.9 Hello Ego
1.10 Public Eye
1.11 Bully
1.12 Celebrity [Original]
1.13 [Untitled]

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