Eradikator: Dystopia

Eradikator: Dystopia
Title: Dystopia
Label: Divebomb

When it comes to reissuing classic UK thrash metal, Divebomb Records has already established itself as one of the world's leading boutique labels. Our roster includes heavyweights such as DEATHWISH, SLAMMER, D.A.M. and TORANAGA, but we've decided that it's time to infuse some fresh blood into the mix.Enter Eradikator.The British band's debut album, Dystopia, definitely brings to mind the best elements of the golden era of thrash, but Eradikator never find themselves simply re-hashing the past. Instead, the 4-piece combo combine their superb talents and treat the listener with a seemingly never-ending barrage of neck-snapping guitar riffs and vocals that are as authoritative as they are memorable, resulting in a fresh-sounding set of songs. In the end, Dystopia pulsates with old-school spirit but never sounds dated. We wish we could say that about many of their so-called "re-thrash" contemporaries.Divebomb Records Bootcamp Series provides an outlet for independent bands to get their previously "do it yourself" releases the attention they deserve.This is the new blood for the new breed! Are you ready to join the army?

1.1 Dystopia
1.2 Skeletal Steel
1.3 Hell's Sentinels
1.4 Dark Legions
1.5 Across the Sea of Black
1.6 Overthrow
1.7 The Compound
1.8 World of Compulsion
1.9 Judgement Before the Throne
1.10 Odysseus
1.11 Utopia
1.12 Cold Sweat (Bootcamp Bonus Track)

Eradikator: Dystopia

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