Eri Yamamoto Trio & Choral Chameleon

Eri Yamamoto Trio & Choral Chameleon: Goshu Ondo Suite

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Artist: Eri Yamamoto Trio & Choral Chameleon
Title: Goshu Ondo Suite

"A seed is a star, a star is a seed." Stevie Wonder's cosmically aphoristic title could also describe pianist and composer Eri Yamamoto's Goshu Ondo Suite. "About two years ago," she writes in the liner notes accompanying her momentous seven-part opus, "I was vacuuming my apartment, and with the rhythm of the movement, I began singing "Goshu Ondo," a traditional circle dance song from Shiga, near Kyoto, Japan." This is how the prolific musician channeled deeply felt resonances with various traditions, birthing her most significant and thoroughgoing work to date. The November 2018 premiere concerts were recorded, and now, thanks to Yamamoto's long-standing relationship with AUM Fidelity, we can all participate in the transcultural celebration.

1.1 Part 1 06:07
1.2 Part 2
1.3 Part 3
1.4 Part 4
1.5 Part 5
1.6 Part 6
1.7 Part 7
1.8 Echo of Echo

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