Eskorbuto: La Otra Cara Del Rock

Eskorbuto: La Otra Cara Del Rock
Title: La Otra Cara Del Rock
Label: Guns of Brixton
Product Type: VINYL LP

Ten years after it's original release, La Otra Cara Del Rock (trans. "The Other Side of Rock") is once again available, containing the recording of Eskorbuto's legendary live performance in the town of Villarreal in December 1989. This great reissue also features the original cover, four bonus tracks from the same gig and a 20-page fanzine covering the band's adventures during 1989, plus photographs, anecdotes and a review of the Villarreal '89 concert. Sixteen cannon shots including the legendary tracks - from "Mucha Policia Poca Diversion (Too Much Police, Too Little Fun)" to "No Quiero Cambiar (I Don't Wanna Change)" - are finally released in glorious vinyl more than 24 years after it happened. The live recording has a brilliant sound and reflects faithfully what Eskorbuto was like in 1989. Gloomy rumors said the band was almost done, but once again they managed to surprise both followers and slanderers with this live set in another amazing chapter in the career of the most honest rock n' roll band that has ever walked this planet.

1.1 Ya No Quedan MÁS Cojones Eskorbuto a Las Elecciones
1.2 Maldito País
1.3 Es Un Crimen
1.4 Antes en Las Guerras
1.5 Rogad a Dios Por los Muertos
1.6 Anti Todo
1.7 Mucha Policía Poca Diversión
1.8 Enterrado Vivo
1.9 Ratas de Vizcaya
1.10 Os Engañan
1.11 Cuidado
1.12 Dónde Está El Porvenir?
1.13 Eskizofrenia
1.14 Iros a la Mierda
1.15 No Quiero Cambiar
1.16 Tamara

Eskorbuto: La Otra Cara Del Rock

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