Espectrostatic: Escape from Witchtropolis

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Artist: Espectrostatic

Artist: Espectrostatic
Title: Escape from Witchtropolis

Austin, TX resident Alex Cuervo (Blacktop, Hex Dispensers) turned a few heads last year with Espectrostatic; his synth-based electronic project in favor of spooky electronic pulses and synth drones ala John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream. ESCAPE FROM WITCHTROPOLIS ups the ante with more sophisticated and subtle arrangements, letting the songs unfold organically, still inferring the presence of a soundtrack to an as-yet-unmade horror flick.

1.1 Removing the Bandages
1.2 Escape from Witchtropolis
1.3 The Feral Kids
1.4 This Is a War Universe
1.5 The Obelisk
1.6 She Hunts Them in the Afterlife
1.7 Sinking Into the Microverse
1.8 The Cold Spot
1.9 Abandoned Places
1.10 Transmogrifier
1.11 The Goddamn Apocalypse

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