Esther Kaiser: Water

Esther Kaiser: Water
Title: Water
Label: Fine Music

ESTHER KAISER / WATER - On this album, Kaiser transports listeners to a sound that is at once contemporary and urban, as well as to enraptured, almost fairy-like worlds of sound, thanks to the use of unusual sound sources such as the water-powered glass harp and extremely exciting musical guests such as Marie-Christine Gitman on oboe and English horn, the Berlin string quartet Die Nixen and the re-nowned trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Studnitzky. The genesis of the album fits perfectly with the ancestral symbolism of water, which in many cul-tures is considered a threshold between (dream) worlds. In the first Corona lockdown and during a prolonged period of drought in the spring of 2020, dur-ing which I had also read the book "The end of the ocean by Norwegian author Maja Lunde, the song Water was created practically in my sleep, says Esther Kaiser about her first initial inspira-tion for the new album, which could be described as no dream log. And adds: I dreamed the melody and the complete lyrics of the chorus and wrote the idea down immediately after waking up. Very quickly, almost as if following a dream dictation, I then finished writing the piece. It was quickly joined by other compositions and lyrics, almost all of which were penned by me and my long-time musical companions Tino Derado and Marc Muellbauer. They're not all ex-plicitly about water, but on a more abstract level there are images, associations and analogies that connect the songs to the common theme. FINE MUSIC

1.1 Vesi (Interlude)
1.2 Water
1.3 Duna
1.4 Wild Fires
1.5 Salty River
1.6 The Tear (Interlude)
1.7 Lament of the King's Wife
1.8 Maji (Interlude)
1.9 The Sailor
1.10 Die Flut (Interlude)
1.11 Don't We Know Better
1.12 The Red Sea
1.13 Rain Dance (Interlude)
1.14 The Ocean's Song
1.15 Time's a River
1.16 Salty River (Epilog)

Esther Kaiser: Water

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