Esther Ofarim: Esther

Esther Ofarim: Esther
Title: Esther
Label: Bear Family Germany

After scoring a UK smash with the novelty Cinderella Rockafella and collaborating with Scott Walker, this Israeli singer continued to show her versatility with this 1972 LP of folk songs from many lands (and in several languages). Backed by lush orchestration, her soaring vibrato delivers La Vezina Catina; Kinderspiele; Pavane; El Rey Nimrod; Rataplan; Leil Galil; Pamparapam, and more. A cult star and her rarest album rise again!

1.1 La Vezina Catin
1.2 Ziunion I Haderech
1.3 La Scillitana
1.4 Leil Galil
1.5 Pamparap M
1.6 Pavane
1.7 Kinderspiele
1.8 Rataplan
1.9 El Rey Nimr D
1.10 Hay Leil TH
1.11 Nique Nac No Muse
1.12 Una Matica de Ruda

Esther Ofarim: Esther

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