Eve 6

Eve 6: Eve 6

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Artist: Eve 6

Artist: Eve 6
Title: Eve 6

Eve 6 is a tight knit trio who make their home in L.A. Produced by Don Gilmore, their new self-titled album moves between the lines of Green Day, the Who and (vocally-speaking) the Everly Brothers. Signed while still in high school, founding members Jon Siebels and Max Collins have been cultivating their style for the past 2 years. With an average age of 19, this band has delivered an exceptional production that goes right to the heart of young adults. 1st focus track: "Inside Out."

1.1 How Much Longer
1.2 Inside Out
1.3 Leech
1.4 Showerhead
1.5 Open Road Song
1.6 Jesus Nitelite
1.7 Superhero Girl
1.8 Tongue Tied
1.9 Saturday Night
1.10 There's a Face
1.11 Smalltown Trap

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