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Everything Is Recorded: Everything Is Recorded By Richard Russell

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Artist: Everything Is Recorded
Title: Everything Is Recorded By Richard Russell

Back in May, record producer and XL Recordings head Richard Russell introduced his new collaborative artist project, Everything Is Recorded. With Russell at the helm, his west London studio "The Copper House" had become (and continues to be) a creative second home for a revolving cast of vocalists and musicians who passed through to write, record and share ideas, mixing traditional recording sessions with extended, uninhibited live jams. The New Yorker did an extensive profile on Russell and spoke about the project back in May. As well as being the founder of XL, Russell is renowned for his album production work for Bobby Womack, Damon Albarn, Ibeyi and Gil ScottHeron among others.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Close But Not Quite (Feat. Sampha)
1.3 She Said (Feat. Obongjayar ; Kamasi Washington)
1.4 Wet Looking Road (Feat. Giggs)
1.5 Mountains of Gold (Feat. Sampha, Ibeyi, Wiki and Kamasi Washington)
1.6 Show Love (Feat. Syd ; Sampha)
1.7 Echoes in the Bone (Feat. Rachel Zeffira)
1.8 Bloodshot Red Eyes (Feat. Infinite ; Green Gartside)
1.9 Cane (Feat. Ibeyi)
1.10 Purify-Interlude (Feat. Infinite ; Peter Gabriel
1.11 Be My Friend (Feat. Infinite)
1.12 Everything Is Recorded (Feat. Sampha ; Owen Pallett)

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