Ewan Maccoll

Ewan Maccoll: Musical Film Score: Whaler Out of New Bedford

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ewan Maccoll

Title: Musical Film Score: Whaler Out of New Bedford
Label: Folkways Records

Before photography, painted panoramas were often the only images the general public saw of distant lands. One such panorama from 1848, of "wondrous scenes of whaling and faraway islands," inspired a movie about the whaling industry; this album provides the musical score, in addition to familiar whaling songs set in New England, along the coast of South America, and on the Eastern Shore. Liner notes include images of the panorama, background information on whaling, and notes and lyrics for each song.

1.1 Whaler Out of New Bedford: A Musical Score from the Film
1.2 The Fitting Out
1.3 Boney
1.4 The Bark Gay Head
1.5 The Boston-Come-All-Ye
1.6 The Coast of Peru
1.7 Mary Ann
1.8 Desolation
1.9 A Hundred Years on the Eastern Shore
1.10 Homeward Bound

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