Ex-Cult: Midnight Passenger

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Ex-Cult

Artist: Ex-Cult
Title: Midnight Passenger
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release from the Memphis-based Indie/Punk band. MIDNIGHT PASSENGER is the result of a never-ending obsession with the open road. It's the sound of five people spending the last year in countless dive bars and disgusting motel rooms, sleeping on dozens of dirty floors. In these same dive bars across the USA Ex-Cult truly found their sound. Taking pieces of every tour back home with them, the band honed a sound that captures the desperation of the first record while integrating new techniques of negative noise. Recorded by Doug Easley in January 2014, MIDNIGHT PASSENGER delivers ten songs meant to be heard together, each one following a different, damaged storyline. The buzz-saw guitars, Krautrock rhythms and sneering vocals are all still present, but with MIDNIGHT PASSENGER, Ex-Cult adds a few layers of Psychedelic slime to their sound.

1.1 Shattered Circle
1.2 Ties You Up
1.3 Midnight Passenger
1.4 Confusion Hill
1.5 Catholic Entries
1.6 Flickering Eyes
1.7 Venice Illusion
1.8 Sid Visions
1.9 Not a Threat
1.10 Lights Out Club

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