Excalibur: Dark Age Of The Dragon

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Artist: Excalibur

Artist: Excalibur
Title: Dark Age Of The Dragon

2017 release. Excalibur IV is the widely anticipated fourth studio in the Celtic Rock Opera series, following on from the gold and platinum selling original trilogy. Excalibur IV was played live in it's entirety to 12 arenas in Germany in December 2016 and will be touring again in 2018. This album - based on the legendary story of King Arthur - features guest appearances from Alan Stivell, Michael Sadler (Saga), Jess Sibenberg and John Helliwell (Supertramp), Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Moya Brennan (Clannad), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Bernie Shaw (Uriah Heep), Siobham Owen, Sonja Kristina (Curved Air), John Kelly (The Kelly Family), and Maite Itoiz (Elfhental).

1.1 The Wings of the Dragon
1.2 Alone
1.3 Stonehenge
1.4 I'm Not the Only One
1.5 Calling for You
1.6 Don't Be Afraid
1.7 Silver Moon
1.8 Dreamers
1.9 The Last Lament of a Fairy
1.10 The New Times
1.11 Forget Your Sorrow
1.12 The Fifth Season
1.13 The Passion
1.14 I Will Be for Ever
1.15 Behind the Mist
1.16 You Don't Know
1.17 You Are the Sunshine
1.18 There Is Someone
1.19 Dun Aengus II

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