Excruciation by Silence: Metal Madness

Excruciation by Silence: Metal Madness
Title: Metal Madness
Label: Punishment 18 Record

Excruciation by Silence is a Moscow band formed in 2012. During first years members and style often changed. Since 2015 band stopped to play technical thrash/speed metal, focusing just on a tremendous thrash metal. By 2017 Excruciation by Silence released two EPs ("Accession" in 2016 and "Endless Twist" in 2017). In 2021 first full-lenght album titled "Metal Madness" will finally see the light!

1.1 Prelude to Metal Madness
1.2 Death to False Metal
1.3 Metal Madness in the Distant Space
1.4 Heavy Metal Army
1.5 Metal Mania
1.6 Metal Sect
1.7 When the Night Comes
1.8 Metal Mania Stand and Die (Regime Cover)

Excruciation by Silence: Metal Madness

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