Exhorder: Mourn The Southern Skies

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Artist: Exhorder

Artist: Exhorder
Title: Mourn The Southern Skies
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. "Never" is a word that has come up many times throughout the existence of Louisiana's pace-setting thrash/hardcore pioneers, Exhorder. After two short-lived reformation periods following the 1993 breakup of the band, Exhorder returned to the stage in 2018. In addition to their long-awaited live return, which won over any skeptics and proved Exhorder indeed was back, the band has forged a new album for a 2019 release, Mourn the Southern Skies. While finally encapsulating the live sound that the band had built it's legendary reputation with, Mourn the Southern Skies is an intoxicating concoction of old school thrashers and groovers blended with a modern, mature Exhorder.

1.1 Asunder
1.2 Hallowed Sound
2.1 Beware the Wolf
2.2 Yesterday's Bones
2.3 All She Wrote
3.1 Rumination
3.2 The Arms of Man
4.1 Ripping Flesh
4.2 Mourn the Southern Skies

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