Expresion Joven

Expresion Joven: Dominican Republic: La Hora Esta Llegando

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Expresion Joven

Title: Dominican Republic: La Hora Esta Llegando
Label: Paredon Records

Expresien Joven (Voice of Youth) has traveled all across the Dominican Republic during the last year and half under the sponsorship of provincial and national student groups, cultural clubs and workers' organizations to carry their message. In June of 1973, the group joined the solidarity campaign to free all political prisoners, a movement with tremendous support from all sections of the population. Last December, they recorded the song 'Open the Jail House Doors Mr. President,' which quickly became the anthem of the movement...

1.1 Abra Las Rejas, Se?Or Gobierno (Open the Jail House Doors, Mr. President)
1.2 Casas de Carton (Cardboard Houses)
1.3 Amor en la Guerrra (Love in the Struggle)
1.4 A Desalambrar (Tear Down the Fences)
1.5 Esta Llegando la Hora (The Time Is Coming)
1.6 No Amigo, No Vayas Aun Al Sol (No Friend, You Weren't Born to Die in Bed)
1.7 Pobre Del Cantor (Pity the Singer)
1.8 Compadre Mon (Compadre 'Mon - Ramon)
1.9 Canci?N Antes Del Odio (Song Before the Hate Came)
1.10 Francisco Alberto, Caramba!

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