Expulsion: Certain Corpses

Expulsion: Certain Corpses
Title: Certain Corpses
Label: Vic

2014 compilation from the Swedish Metal act. Twenty five years after the release of the legendary cult demos CEREBRAL CESSATION and VEILED IN THE MISTS OF MYSTERY, Vic Records releases a complete overview of Expulsion's very early days. All demos are transferred from the original master tapes by none less than Swedish producer Tomas Skogsberg in his famous Sunlight Studio. The album contains liner notes written by guitarist and main composer Stefan Lagergren. Features the CEREBRAL CESSATION and VEILED IN THE MISTS OF MYSTERY demos, an unreleased 7' EP and the compilation-only track. 'Hymns of the Dead'.

1.1 Extreme Hypothermia [Demo Version]
1.2 Whispers from the Abyss [Demo Version]
1.3 Old Time Entombed [Demo Version]
1.4 Prophecy of Doom [Demo Version]
1.5 Cerebral Cessation, Pt. 1 [Demo Version]
1.6 Innominandum, Pt. 2 [Demo Version]
1.7 Darkside [Demo Version]
1.8 Bastard Son of God [Demo Version]
1.9 Veiled in the Mists of Mystery [Demo Version]
1.10 Undersea, Pt. 3 [Demo Version]
1.11 Soul Upheaval [#]
1.12 Lain Hidden [#]
1.13 Certain Corpses Never Decay [Demo Version]

Expulsion: Certain Corpses

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