Eye of Time

Eye of Time: The Eye Of Time

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Eye of Time

Title: The Eye Of Time
Label: Denovali Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 After Us (Intro)
1.2 After Us (I Hate Your Fuc*Ing Eyes)
1.3 After Us (Time Is Watching Me)
1.4 After Us (My Hate Is a Gun, See the Smile on My Face)
1.5 After Us (After Us)
1.6 After Us (Don't Cry Little Child, Don't Watch Your Future Life ?)
1.7 After Us (Birds and Lands)
1.8 After Us (My Hope Took the Road)
1.9 After Us (Away and Lost, I Cry the Error)
1.10 After Us (Outro)
1.11 Jail (Let's Party to the Death's Birthday!)
1.12 Jail (Time Has Come)
1.13 Jail (Comfort, Design and Graves)
1.14 Jail (Once They Were Happy and Brought the Nothingness)
1.15 Jail (The Distance Between You and the Rest)
1.16 Jail (000007091981151723031994)
1.17 Lily on the Valley (Begin, Wait, Watch, Play)
1.18 Lily on the Valley (Use Your Wings for What They Are)
1.19 Lily on the Valley (Monsters Usually Wear Uniforms)

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