F. Busoni

F. Busoni: Piano Music 3

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Product Type: CD
Artist: F. Busoni

Title: Piano Music 3
Label: Naxos

The essence of Busoni's music lies in a synthesis of his Italian and German ancestry: emotion and intellect, imagination and discipline, often allied with a re-creative approach to the musical past.

1.1 Toccata (Preludio)
1.2 Adagio (Intermezzo)
1.3 Fugue
1.4 Scherzo, Op.4
1.5 Prelude
1.6 Fugue, Op.5
1.7 (First) Ballet Scene, Op.6
1.8 Second Ballet Scene, Op.20, K209
1.9 Waffentanz (Contrapuntal Dance Piece), Op.30A
1.10 Friedenstanz (Third Ballet Scene), Op.30A
1.11 Fourth Ballet Scene (In the Form of a Concert Waltz), Op.33A, K238
1.12 Tanzwalzer, Op.53, K288
1.13 I. Corn Blossom: Allegretto
1.14 II. Song of Victory: Vivace
1.15 III. Bluebird Song/Corngrinding Song: Andante
1.16 IV. Passamaquoddy Dance Song: The Broad Mississippisave: Maestoso Ma Andando

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