Fairouz / Lindsey / Moody / Duffy / Kaplan / Boyd: No Orpheus

Fairouz / Lindsey / Moody / Duffy / Kaplan / Boyd: No Orpheus
Title: No Orpheus
Label: Naxos American

Mohammed Fairouz has rapidly become one of the most highly regarded composers of his generation, receiving wide acclaim for works such as Native Informant and his Symphony No. 4 "In the Shadow of No Towers". Setting texts from ancient times to World War II, the songs on this new album represent a decade of writing for the human voice. Refugee Blues addresses powerful social issues while sensual celebrations of being human and alive are explored in After the Revels. The theme of loss is also compellingly expressed in the intense, distilled narrative of No Orpheus, a portrait of departed family members, and Edgar Allan Poe's last completed poem, the hauntingly mournful Annabel Lee.

1.1 Refugee Blues - Kate Lindsey
1.2 I. the Eternal Source - Kate Lindsey
1.3 II. Today I Realized Something Very Strange - Kate Lindsey
1.4 III. the Celebration of the Spirit - Kate Lindsey
1.5 I. He Tells His Mother What He's Working on - Kate Lindsey
1.6 II. No Orpheus - Kate Lindsey
1.7 III. Her Waltz - Kate Lindsey
1.8 German Romantic Song - Kiera Duffy
1.9 Three Fragments I - Kiera Duffy
1.10 Three Fragments II - Kiera Duffy
1.11 Three Fragments III - Kiera Duffy
1.12 The Stolen Child - Christopher Burchett
1.13 After the Revels - Christopher Burchett
1.14 We Are Seven - Christopher Burchett
1.15 Annabel Lee - Christopher Burchett

Fairouz / Lindsey / Moody / Duffy / Kaplan / Boyd: No Orpheus

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