Fairport Convention: 5 Classic Albums

Fairport Convention: 5 Classic Albums
Title: 5 Classic Albums
Label: Spectrum

The prolific beginnings of the greatest British folk-rock band of all time are brought together in complete form! Their 1968-70 LPs "Fairport Convention," "What We Did on Our Holidays," "Unhalfbricking," "Liege & Lief" and "Full House" find the band quickly and brilliantly evolving from homages to American music to the creation of England's own folk-rock sound. You'll witness the arrivals of Sandy Denny, Dave Swarbrick and Dave Pegg as you hear one intoxicating song adaptation and Richard Thompson original after another: "Fotheringay," "I'll Keep It with Mine," "She Moves Through the Fair," "Who Knows Where the Time Goes?," "A Sailor's Life," "Matty Groves," "Farewell, Farewell," "Sloth" and more! Spectrum UK.

1.1 Time Will Show the Wiser
1.2 I Don't Know Where I Stand
1.3 If (Stomp)
1.4 Decameron
1.5 Jack O' Diamonds
1.6 Portfolio
1.7 Chelsea Morning
1.8 Sun Shade
1.9 The Lobster
1.10 It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft
1.11 One Sure Thing
1.12 M.1 Breakdown
2.1 Fotheringay
2.2 Mr. Lacey
2.3 Book Song
2.4 The Lord Is in This Place
2.5 No Man's Land
2.6 I'll Keep It with Mine
2.7 Eastern Rain
2.8 Nottamun Town
2.9 Tale in Hard Time
2.10 She Moves Through the Fair
2.11 Meet on the Ledge
2.12 End of a Holiday
3.1 Genesis Hall
3.2 Si Tu Dois Partir
3.3 Autopsy
3.4 A Sailor's Life
3.5 Cajun Woman
3.6 Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
3.7 Percy's Song
3.8 Million Dollar Bash
4.1 Come All Ye
4.2 Reynardine
4.3 Matty Groves
4.4 Farewell, Farewell
4.5 The Deserter
4.6 Medley: The Lark in the Morning
4.7 Tam Lin
4.8 Crazy Man Michael
5.1 Walk Awhile
5.2 Doctor of Physick
5.3 Dirty Linen
5.4 Sloth
5.5 Sir Patrick Spens
5.6 Flatback Caper
5.7 Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman
5.8 Flowers of the Forest

Fairport Convention: 5 Classic Albums

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