Fallujah: Undying Light

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Fallujah

Artist: Fallujah
Title: Undying Light
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. California progressive death metallers Fallujah are swinging upward and venturing outward on new album, Undying Light. With new vocalist in Antonio Palermo (also of Underling fame) firmly in position and a no-filler, all-killer songwriting attack, Undying Light isn't the follow-up to Dreamless, it's a massive jump forward. Whereas Dreamless wandered intelligently and resonated lithely, new tracks such as "Glass House," "Ultraviolet," "Eyes Like the Sun," and closer "Departure" find Fallujah stripped down, razor-sharp, and emotionally charged.

1.1 Glass House
1.2 Last Light
1.3 Ultraviolet
1.4 Dopamine
1.5 The Ocean Above
2.1 Hollow
2.2 Sanctuary
2.3 Eyes Like the Sun
2.4 Distant and Cold
2.5 Departure

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