Fandango Featuring Joe Lynn Turner: Complete RCA Albums 1977-1980

Fandango Featuring Joe Lynn Turner: Complete RCA Albums 1977-1980
Title: Complete RCA Albums 1977-1980
Label: Cherry Red

Four CD set. Fandango originally formed in 1976, when singer Joe Lynn Turner hooked up with guitarist Rick Blakemore, bassist Bob Danyls, with Abe Speller on drums, creating a prolific song writing partnership with keyboard player Denny LaRue. They were discovered by RCA Records whilst playing the local clubs in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, the same scene that gave the world Twisted Sister. Between October 1977 and March 1980, Fandango released four solid albums through RCA; Fandango, Last Kiss, One Night Stand and Cadillac. According to Joe Lynn Turner's official biography, Fandango was, "a band described as an eclectic mix of R&B, pop, country, jazz and melodic rock". Despite some high profile slots opening for, among others, The Allman Brothers, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Beach Boys and Billy Joel, Fandango missed making a significant mark on the US charts. It was shortly after the release of their fourth and final album that Joe Lynn Turner received the invitation from Ritchie Blackmore to join Rainbow for 1981's Difficult To Cure. Also included in this 4 disc set are mono-radio versions of the tracks 'Last Kiss', 'Late Nights' and 'Blame It On The Night', and the booklet includes a new essay from Classic Rock's Malcolm Dome based on new interviews with singer Joe Lynn Turner.

1.1 Headliner
1.2 Down Down Down
1.3 Jesse and Will
1.4 San Joaquin
1.5 Life of the Party
1.6 Shadow Boxing
1.7 Helpless Heart
1.8 Devil Rain
1.9 Misery Road
1.10 Goin' Down for the Last Time
2.1 Last Kiss
2.2 Sure Got the Power
2.3 Mexico
2.4 Losin' Kind of Love
2.5 Hotel la Rue
2.6 Feel the Pain
2.7 City of Angels
2.8 The Mill's on Fire
2.9 I Keep Going/Hard Bargain
2.10 Last Kiss (Mono Version)
3.1 One Night Stand
3.2 Thief in the Night
3.3 Hard Man (Bless My Soul)
3.4 Hard Headed Woman
3.5 I Would Never Leave
3.6 Dancer
3.7 Little Cherie
3.8 Late Nights
3.9 Two Time Loser
3.10 Ain't No Way
3.11 Late Nights (Mono Version)
4.1 Blame It on the Night
4.2 Rock 'N Roll You
4.3 Hypnotized
4.4 Don't Waste My Time
4.5 Stranger
4.6 Cadillac
4.7 Fortune Teller
4.8 Getaway
4.9 Headliner
4.10 Blame It on the Night (Mono Version)

Fandango Featuring Joe Lynn Turner: Complete RCA Albums 1977-1980

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