Faster Pussycat: Whipped!

Faster Pussycat: Whipped!
Title: Whipped!
Label: Music on CD

CD reissue. What makes Faster Pussycat different from hair-metal bands is that they were hitting a creative peak right as the hard rock backlash began in the early nineties. Whipped kicks off with the magnificent 'Nonstop To Nowhere', a Stones-like country rocker. Equally impressive are 'Jack The Bastard', 'Maid In Wonderland', 'Body Thief', 'Only Way Out' and 'Madam Ruby's Love Boutique'. The track 'Mr. Lovedog' is a tribute to the Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood, who had died in 1990. Faster Pussycat are more than an ordinary glam band and will probably be one of the few bands still sounding fresh in the 21st Century.

1.1 Nonstop To Nowhere
1.2 The Body Thief
1.3 Jack The Bastard
1.4 Big Dictionary
1.5 Madam Ruby’s Love Boutique
1.6 Only Way Out
1.7 Maid In Wonderland
1.8 Friends
1.9 Cat Bash
1.10 Loose Booty
1.11 Mr. Lovedog
1.12 Out With A Bang

Faster Pussycat: Whipped!

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