Fat Mattress

Fat Mattress: Fat Mattress

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Fat Mattress

Artist: Fat Mattress
Title: Fat Mattress
Product Type: VINYL LP

Formed by guitarist/vocalist Noel Redding while he was still playing bass in a little group called The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Fat Mattress released their debut in late 1969 on Polydor. Though Noel's more famous group was known for it's hard edged psychedelic rock, Fat Mattress instead opted for the breezier side of things, with a distinct West Coast folk-rock bent. Drawing comparisons to Love, the Buffalo Springfield, and The Byrds, Fat Mattress is harmony-heavy and tuneful psychedelia. Though it was well received by critics at the time, sales were slow and Redding soon left the group. In the intervening years, though, Fat Mattress's fantastic debut has come to be known as a lost classic of psychedelic rock and this high-quality gatefold 180-gram LP reissue is a welcome relief from high-priced originals. Essential for fans of both Jimi Hendrix and psychedelic folk-rock.

1.1 All Night Drinker
1.2 I Don't Mind
1.3 Bright New Way
1.4 Petrol Pump Assistant
1.5 Mr. Moonshine
2.1 Magic Forest
2.2 She Came in the Morning
2.3 Everything's Blue
2.4 Walking Through a Garden
2.5 How Can I Live

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