Father Figures: Heavy Lifting

Father Figures: Heavy Lifting
Title: Heavy Lifting
Label: Slope
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. The Father Figures got started 2009 when three old friends got together to jam on Memorial Day weekend. Since that fateful day, the band has cranked out four full length records, including their latest and first on Slope Records, Heavy Lifting. The Father Figures feature an original member of JFA (Michael Cornelius), a member of North Side Kings and Hillbilly Devilspeak and Son Of Crackpipe, Tom Reardon, and Jeff Dahl's former drummer, Bobby Lerma.

1.1 Ego Vs Ego
1.2 Medicine Ball
1.3 USS Destroyer
1.4 Nigerian Prince Charming
1.5 Heavy Lifting
1.6 (The Man Said) Scorcese Is a Hack
1.7 Borrowed Records
1.8 Four Mile Circus
1.9 Kennebago
1.10 Rigged
1.11 Hotel San Pedro
1.12 The Controls Are Broken

Father Figures: Heavy Lifting

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