Fatty George Und Silke Schwinger

Fatty George Und Silke Schwinger: Trip

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Trip
Label: Digatone
Product Type: VINYL LP

Digatone present the first official reissue of Fatty George Und Silke Schwinger's Trip the long lost and extremely rare Austrian hippie-rock/jazz/funk opera score from 1971. Features a.o. Su Kramer (also known from the Hair album and stage play featuring Czechoslovakian band The Matadors), Fatty George, Karl Ratzer, Peter Wolf, Richard Schoenherz, and Leszek Zadlo. Originally released in 1972 by Telefunken in Germany in a small quantity, and now highly collectable, the LP combines funk, pop, psychedelia, acid jazz, and gospel. Performed with electric guitar, flute, organ, sitar, and more, this music has been frequently sampled in recent years. Produced for Austrian TV, the story is about a guru who comes to Vienna to preach about a world with no technology, but with lots of drugs. However, when a young boy dies after an LSD trip, things go terribly wrong. Includes an insert supplying background information in German and English; Edition of 1000.

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