Faye Adams

Faye Adams: Singles 1953-1956

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Artist: Faye Adams

Artist: Faye Adams
Title: Singles 1953-1956

A twenty-eight track compilation of Faye Adams' critically acclaimed recordings between 1953 and 1956. Includes three number ones "Shake A Hand". "I'll Be True" & "Hurts Me To My Heart" from Billboard magazine's Rhythm & Blues Chart. Her complete output on the Herald label and earlier recordings made for Atlantic. Long before Aretha Franklin, Faye Adams could rightly be called "The Queen of Soul". Detailed notes include label scans, press ads and other memorabilia as well as telling her personal story including how Atlantic Records missed out on the million-selling "SHAKE A HAND" which spent ten weeks at the top of the R & B charts. Faye Adams is the recipient of a "Pioneer Award" by America's Rhythm And Blues Foundation, testament to her standing in the music that opened the door to Rock 'n' Roll.

1.1 That's What Makes My Baby Fat
1.2 I'm Going to Leave You
1.3 Shake a Hand
1.4 I've Gotta Leave You
1.5 Sweet Talk
1.6 I'll Be True
1.7 Happiness to My Soul
1.8 Say a Prayer
1.9 Every Day
1.10 Somebody Somewhere
1.11 Crazy Mixed Up World
1.12 Hurts Me to My Heart
1.13 Ain't Gonna Tell
1.14 I Owe My Heart to You
1.15 Love Ain't Nothin' to Play with
1.16 Anything for a Friend
1.17 Your Love (Has My Heart Burnin')
1.18 You Ain't Been True
1.19 My Greatest Desire
1.20 Angels Tell Me
1.21 Tag Along
1.22 Same Old Me
1.23 No Way Out
1.24 Teen-Age Heart
1.25 Witness to the Crime
1.26 Takin' You Back
1.27 Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
1.28 The Hammer (Keeps a Knockin')

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