Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti: Coffin For Head Of State

$23.20 $26.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Fela Kuti

Title: Coffin For Head Of State
Label: Knitting Factory
Product Type: VINYL LP

Knitting Factory Records reissues Fela Kuti's Coffin For Head of State on vinyl LP, previously only available as part of the Box Set series. The album, made up of one track only, is among Fela's most courageous responses to the Nigerian army's destruction of Kalakuta on February 18, 1977. During the attack, Fela's mother, aged 78, a veteran of Nigeria's struggle for independence from British colonial rule and an early campaigner for Nigerian women's rights, was thrown out of an upstairs window, fracturing a leg. Fela believed that the assault led to his mother's death 14 months later. The audio has been restored and remastered from Fela's original Nigerian recordings. The artwork has been meticulously recreated from original album artwork.

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