Fern Knight: Fern Knight

Fern Knight: Fern Knight
Title: Fern Knight
Label: VHF Records

2008 release, the third CD from Philadelphia quartet Fern Knight, led by the crystal voice, guitar, and cello of Margaret Wienk. Drawing from diverse influences such as '70's Krautrock, UK folk, and baroque and renaissance music, the band's eponymous recording juxtaposes the calm surface of harp, cello, and violin against the perfectly timed distorted squalls of a Flying V and a dark undercurrent of lyrical and vocal mystery. The overall effect is a lush, pastoral, and warm ode to all things green and living, a running theme that winds through the songs' post-apocalyptic landscape. The album's cohesion rests upon the core quartet's combination of acoustic and electronic instruments-the perfect vehicle for Wienk's unique songwriting and string arrangements. VHF.

1.1 Bemused
1.2 Silver Fox
1.3 Sundew
1.4 Loch Na Fooey
1.5 Hawk Mountain
1.6 Synges Chair
1.7 Magpie Suite: Prelude
1.8 Magpie Suite: Part II
1.9 Magpie Suite: Part III

Fern Knight: Fern Knight

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