Fernanda Morello

Fernanda Morello: Plays Mozart: Fazioli Sessions

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Artist: Fernanda Morello
Title: Plays Mozart: Fazioli Sessions

The music of this album was composed by Mozart in different periods of his life. These works include the Rondo in A minor, K.511, the Fantasie, K.397, the Adagio in A minor K.540 and the Sonata K.331, plus a second version of the Fantasie K.397 with a different ending. In the original written score of this piece the last bars were lost, so it has been usually played with an ending composed at the time by August Muller, one of Mozart's admirers. This is the one you can hear in the version of the seventh track. In the second one, however, Morello reworks the piece, assigning it an ending composed by her and inspired by readings and comments from other pianists and composers. Finally, the Sonata K331, one of Mozart's most famous pieces, has the peculiarity of being played following the Mozartian-original, lost for centuries and found at the end of 2014 in Budapest and published by Henle Editions. Until now, all performances were based on the first edition of the score, and not on the author's manuscript, as in this case.

1.1 Rondo in a Minor KV 511
1.2 Fantasy in D minor KV 397
1.3 Adagio in B minor KV 540
1.4 Sonata in a Major KV 331, Andante Grazioso with 6 Variations
1.5 Sonata in a Major KV 331, Menuetto - Trio
1.6 Sonata in a Major KV 331, Allegrino Alla Turca
1.7 Fantasy in D minor, KV 397 (With August Muller's Coda)

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