Ferndal: Ferndal

Ferndal: Ferndal
Title: Ferndal
Label: Einheit Prod

2017 release. Ferndal was founded in the spring of 2016. The band consists of five individual musicians, which are the two main composers/lyricists Sorathiel (bass and vocals) and Lestaya (violoncello), flanked by Alboin (drums) and Albarus (guitars) -also being members of EIS- and Sethras (guitars). This combination leads to a black metal sound you surely haven't heard (yet). Ferndal not only entrench the violoncello as an equally deployed instrument between two distorted guitars, they also seamlessly blend in premonitions from ancient Scandinavian folk, baroque grace or romantic melancholy under a veil of pure black metal aggression. Apart from the aural aspect of the band, the quintet offers lyrics being far away from any occult, orthodox or whatever cliché topics. Instead, Sorathiel and Lestaya dug deep to find fitting metaphoric words about (self-) reflecting man's relationship to life, death, self-awareness or true individual freedom. Ferndal use both a clean and harsh male voice to pitch the right tone for every word. Ferndal features seven tracks among them four metalic long tracks and a classically orchestrated version of Windir's "Arntor". It has been mixed and mastered by Markus Skroch (Hel, Ash of Ashes) at Kalthallen Studio and is adorned by an artwork drawn by renowned Spanish artist Norax (Lux Divina). Ferndal have been invited to present their songs at different live events among them Ragnarök and Darktroll Festival, before working on material for their second album.

1.1 Ouverture
1.2 Ferndal
1.3 Ungelebtes Leben
1.4 Klavierquintett in G-Moll "Arntor, Ein Krieger"
1.5 In Die Freiheit
1.6 Ein Später Gast
1.7 Coda

Ferndal: Ferndal

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