Fever Tree

Fever Tree: Fever Tree

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Artist: Fever Tree

Artist: Fever Tree
Title: Fever Tree

Fever Tree's 1968 hit San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native) had everyone thinking they were from the Bay, but they hailed from Houston. That quintessential psychedelic classic and the rest of their debut full of jazz and classical accents are here; fuzzed-out guitar and inventive keyboard work fill Where Do You Go?; Unlock My Door; the Sun Also Rises; Filigree & Shadow, and the rest of this limited-edition CD!

1.1 Imitation Situation, Pt. 1 (Toccata and Fugue)
1.2 Where Do You Go?
1.3 San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)
1.4 Ninety-Nine and One Half
1.5 Man Who Paints the Pictures
1.6 Filigree ; Shadow
1.7 The Sun Also Rises
1.8 Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out
1.9 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
1.10 Unlock My Door
1.11 Come with Me (Rainsong)

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