Fews: Means

Fews: Means
Title: Means
Artist: Fews
Label: Pias America
UPC: 5414939937101
Genre: Rock

At the heart of all the best bands is an enduring friendship. That bond between Fred and David of FEWS some years ago when Fred found David's MySpace page in 2006. Fred was living in Concord, a city 30 miles east of San Francisco; David was from the south of Sweden. Both were 15. The pair kept in touch online, but it would be five years until they would actually meet face to face. With a set of recorded demos to their name, the nascent four-piece came to the attention of Speedy Wunderground supremo and producer Dan Carey via a somewhat enigmatic email. The songs evolved under Dan's open-minded guidance to bring us the debut album "Means".

1.1 I.D
1.2 The Zoo
1.3 Drinking Games
1.4 The Queen
1.5 10 Things
1.6 100 Goosebumps
1.7 Keep on Telling Myself
1.8 If Things Go on Like This
1.9 Zlatan
1.10 Ill

Fews: Means


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