Fieldhead: They Shook Hands for Hours

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Fieldhead

Artist: Fieldhead
Title: They Shook Hands for Hours

Limited two CD edition includes a bonus remix CD. 2009 release from Paul Elam (AKA Fieldhead), best known as a member the Declining Winter and Glissando Fleeting Glimpse Ensemble. They Shook Hands for Hours takes the minimalist low end rumble of Machinefabriek, Phillip Jeck and the Caretaker but contains arrangements that are concise, structured and almost Pop orientated in their brevity. The melodicisms are notable from the opening 'This Train Is a Rainbow' with it's Labradford-style guitar twangs through to the echoes of Aphex Twin's dusty loops on 'I'm Fond of Maps'.

1.1 This Train Is a Rainbow
1.2 Half Names
1.3 Document One
1.4 They Shook Hands for Hours
1.5 Of October
1.6 He'd Found the Sea
1.7 Songs Well Known
1.8 Broken
1.9 I'm Fond of Maps
1.10 Introductions

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