Final Breath: Of Death And Sin

Final Breath: Of Death And Sin
Title: Of Death And Sin
Label: Metalville
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. Final Breath's own sound - old school thrash with a strong hint of death metal - is celebrated on 10 new tracks: Razor-sharp riffs, rich groove, aggressive vocals and melodic leads and solos are put together in a clever way turning each song on this new album into a highlight. For the final mix none other than Peter Tägtgren (Abyss Studios, Hypocrisy, Pain, etc.) sat behind the controls, so "Of Death And Sin" sounds extremely fat, contemporary, but never too polished. Lyrically, the album sheds light on the seven deadly sins of today or gloomy visions of the future and is complemented by an ingenious cover artwork by the Indonesian artist "Megan Mushi".

1.1 Babylon C.E
1.2 Yearning for Next Murder
1.3 Agonized, Zombiefied, Necrotized
1.4 Born Against
1.5 Immemorial Disease
1.6 Tear Me from My Dreams
1.7 ... When Finally Mighty Kings Fall
1.8 Illega-Lie-Sating
1.9 Chaos Unity
1.10 Annihilation

Final Breath: Of Death And Sin

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