Finnegans Hell

Finnegans Hell: Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Finnegans Hell

Title: Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class
Label: Wild Kingdom

Finnegan's Hell has spawned a new subgenre within Celtic punk and folk rock by adding influences from hard rock, hillbilly country and Swedish folk. What the press has labeled "The New Wave Of Swedish Celtic Punk", takes no prisoners. With the focus on great melodies and sing-alongs, Finnegan's Hell has outdone themselves on their third full-lenght album. "Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class" has all the features of a classic album - this is a contemporary alternative to "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" by The Pogues.

1.1 Work Is the Curse of the Drinking Class
1.2 Six Feet Under
1.3 Whiskey, Rum, Gin and Wine
1.4 The Promised Land
1.5 Friends and Foes
1.6 King of the Bar
1.7 The Last Dance
1.8 Tokyo Town
1.9 Parasite
1.10 When I'm Dead

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