Fiona Joy Hawkins

Fiona Joy Hawkins: 600 Years in a Moment

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Fiona Joy Hawkins
Title: 600 Years in a Moment

Celtic/New Age pianist, composer and singer Fiona Joy Hawkins celebrates her most epic and signficant album "600 Years in a Moment". Fiona's comcept is to bring instruments and their unique sounds from villages across the globe to explore the hidden musical treasures of cultures in a modern musical setting.

1.1 600 Years
1.2 Naked Love
1.3 The Journey
1.4 Earthbound
1.5 Gliding
1.6 Tango on Wednesday
1.7 Running on Joy
1.8 Ancient Albatross
1.9 The Lost Ballerina
1.10 Antarctica
1.11 Captured Freedom
1.12 Forgivness

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