Fioroni / Carbotta / Cognazzo

Fioroni / Carbotta / Cognazzo: Sonatas for Flute & Basso

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Product Type: CD

Title: Sonatas for Flute & Basso
Label: Vermeer

In the first half of the eighteenth century Milan was one of music's world capitals, and was the center of Italian instrumental music. It can be considered the starting point of a genre that would redefine music all over the world- the sonata. Milanese musicians were long forgotten but nowadays, thanks to musicological investigation and studies, they have been revalued. This new VERMEER release presents a series of Sonatas for flute and continuo all from Milanese composers; beginning from Giuseppe Sammartini who was also an appreciate oboe performer, Carlo Zuccari violinist from Casalmaggiore and who worked for long time in Milan, and Giovanni Andrea Fioroni, Milanese cathedral choirmaster from 1747 to his death. All of them gave a significant contribution to Milanese instrumental music. The four Sammartini Sonatas are very relevant and were likely composed before Sammartini left for London in 1728. They are performed by Mario Carbotta. This VERMEER is a combination of beauty and musical value.

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