Flag of Democracy: Fodworld

Flag of Democracy: Fodworld
Title: Fodworld
Label: Sra
Product Type: VINYL LP

Remastered by James Plotkin and pressed on marbled vinyl, this record has been a hard to find gem on CD or LP for 19 years. This record includes fan favorites such as TRAILPASS, BAG OF LIME and COPS & TEACHERS.

1.1 Fodworld Corporate Anthem
1.2 Rendering Division
1.3 I Know Less
1.4 Bag of Lime
1.5 Punk Till I Die
1.6 Enclosed Playland
1.7 Not for Human Consumption
1.8 Trailpass
1.9 Cops and Teachers
1.10 If the Scene Was a Horse We'd Shoot It
1.11 Porcodio
1.12 You Got in the Way
1.13 Instru-Mental

Flag of Democracy: Fodworld

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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