Flasher: Winnie / Burn Blue

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Artist: Flasher

Artist: Flasher
Title: Winnie / Burn Blue
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Two new songs by Washington, D.C. trio Flasher. "Winnie"?and "Burn Blue" were recorded and produced in January 2017 by Owen Wuerker (Big Hush) and Daniel Saperstein at Lurch in Washington, D.C. Formed in 2015, Flasher is Taylor Mulitz (guitar, vocals), Daniel Saperstein (bass, vocals), and Emma Baker (drums, vocals). Long-time friends, they are also established members of Washington, D.C.'s recently re-emergent DIY music scene. However, while Flasher is a product of that crew, it's music operates by different physics. Where their local peers favor direct and volatile gestures, Flasher's music exists in the tension between conflicting feelings and sensibilities. In the sometimes gritty context of a DIY venue, Flasher manages to project a bit of sensuality. They explore the overlap between aggression and intimacy.

1.1 Winnie
1.2 Burn Blue

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