Flo & Eddie

Flo & Eddie: The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie/Flo and Eddie

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Flo & Eddie

Artist: Flo & Eddie
Title: The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie/Flo and Eddie

We'd rank this twofer at the very tippy-top of our most-requested list-it features both of Flo & Eddie's albums for Warner Bros. At one cheap price! Flo & Eddie were, of course, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan of both Turtles and Frank Zappa fame, so expect the soaring harmonies of the former and some of the absurdist wit of the latter. Includes Flo & Eddie Theme; Who but I; Nikki Hoi; Best Part of Breaking Up; Just Another Town; Marmendy Mill, and more long-lost tracks. 1972 and 1974 releases!

1.1 Flo ; Eddie Theme
1.2 Thoughts Have Turned
1.3 It Never Happened
1.4 Burn the House
1.5 Lady Blue
1.6 Strange Girl
1.7 Who But I
1.8 I Been Born Again
1.9 Goodbye Surprise
1.10 Nikki Hoi
1.11 Really Love
1.12 Feel Older Now
1.13 There You Sit Lonely
2.1 If We Only Had the Time
2.2 Days
2.3 You're a Lady
2.4 Carlos and the Bull
2.5 Afterglow
2.6 Best Part of Breaking Up
2.7 Sanzini Brothers
2.8 Another Pop Star's Life
2.9 Just Another Town
2.10 Marmendy Mill

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