Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly: Swagger (20th Anniversary Box Set)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Flogging Molly

Title: Swagger (20th Anniversary Box Set)
Label: Side One Dummy
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited box containing two vinyl LPs - a remixed and remastered version of the album that features a bonus version of "Sentimental Johnny" en Espan~ol plus a bonus LP featuring three live songs recorded in 2001 at Denver's famed Bluebird Theatre and a traditional Irish set - a never-before-seen DVD documentary from 2000 including a full live performance, an expanded lyric booklet featuring photos from the band's personal collection, Flogging Molly Logo vinyl slip mat, embroidered patch and four badge Swagger button pack. Celtic punk band Flogging Molly are excited to announce the 20th Anniversary, limited edition vinyl box set of the band's debut album, Swagger. 20 years ago, Swagger impacted the punk and rock music worlds as an utterly unique statement from an undeniably incredible group of musicians, who to that point had been honing the songs in increasingly packed bars until all were razor sharp. Swagger would go on to serve as the blueprint for an entire style of modern punk rock, melding classic punk with Celtic roots and instrumentation.

1.1 Salty Dog
1.2 Selfish Man
1.3 The Worst Day Since Yesterday
1.4 Every Dog Has Its Day
1.5 1B: Life in a Tenement Square
1.6 The Ol' Beggars Bush
1.7 The Likes Of You Again
2.1 Black Friday Rule
2.2 Grace of God Go I
2.3 Devil's Dance Floor
2.4 These Exiled Years
2.5 Sentimental Johny
2.6 Far Away Boys
2.7 Juan El Sentimental
3.1 Traditional Set (Live @ the Bluebird)
3.2 The Ol' Beggars Bush (Live @ the Bluebird)
3.3 The Worst Day Since Yesterday (Live @ the Bluebird)

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