Flop: World of Today

Flop: World of Today
Title: World of Today
Label: Frontier Records

Returning fully to Frontier Records after Whenever You're Ready was deemed a commercial failure by Sony, Flop wrapped up it's short but sweet existence with one more great record. World of Today stints neither on the hooks nor the blasting power, and with Kurt Bloch again doing the production, all is more than well. If Willoughby sounds a touch brusquer at points than before, especially in comparison to Whenever You're Ready, it's in the service of engagingly pumping it up and blowing down the door. Though Flop really never changed from start to end in terms of what it did, it did it well, and more often than not Willoughby's sly lyrics pack in a lot in a short amount of space. "Waste of Space" is a good example from World of Today, capturing a situation of emotional frustration smartly: "Complain in a word or two but never action/Wasted is the useless space I occupy/Worried that my heart will never be satisfied." As before, pop smarts also covers accomplished musicianship; more than once the quartet creates a rock-out din that could easily match any of the big Seattle names of the early '90s. Perhaps Willoughby just needed to sing gruffly instead of sunnily about his pain... Subtlety in the music is never far away either - the acoustic breakdown and distanced vocal echo in the middle of "April Ate Our World" or the prominent, lovely surfy twang in "Around." The group also makes a neat nod to the past via a rollicking cover of THE MOVE's "Yellow Rainbow." With this as an epitaph, Flop shows it deserved far more attention than most of the other less-deserving bands that did.

1.1 Act 1, Scene 1
1.2 Waste of Space
1.3 Idle Hands
1.4 April Ate Our World
1.5 Of Today
1.6 North Mason Middle School
1.7 Eggs and Ash
1.8 Around
1.9 We've All Seen Better Days
1.10 Yellow Rainbow
1.11 Vancouver Door Company
1.12 Miniaturize
1.13 Two Martians Working

Flop: World of Today

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